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Simon Tefula Joseph

Author, Mental Well-being Advocate, Creative Entrepreneur.

Simon is an Author, mental wellbeing advocate, creative entrepreneur and keynote speaker on personal branding and storytelling. Connect with him at

Who is Simon?

Simon Tefula Joseph believes in empowering people and making the world a better place. His personal life mission is ‘to be an enduring source of hope, empowerment, opportunity to the world’. He is passionate about and actively involved in personal development and enterprise mentoring, coaching and training, mainly focusing on those from underrepresented and underprivileged groups in his community.

Simon is a mental wellbeing advocate, creative entrepreneur, and a keynote speaker on personal branding and storytelling.
Invitations to speak, run workshops or consult can be sent to: or visit:

His work revolves around creative entrepreneurship, digital media, fashion and tech consulting.

Born in Uganda, he grew up as a teenager in Birmingham, UK, graduating with an undergraduate degree in Law from The University of Manchester and a Masters in Management from Aston University.

It was in London, after some tough times in his personal and professional life, that he launched the ‘Simon Says’ series of video messages on Instagram and LinkedIn. The aim was to share some of the lessons and pointers that helped Simon
navigate the trials and tribulations he faced at that time. This book has the same purpose.

Outside work, Simon hosts a podcast show called ‘The Simon Tefula Show’ – Real Stories from Real Entrepreneurs.